Breaking: Hundreds from Appomattox Allowed to Vote!

On Thursday we issued a statement asking that Appomattox Chair Karen Angulo and candidate Jennie Wood both issue public statements rebuking Jennie’s argument Monday (listen to audio below) that Appomattox not be allowed to vote at the upcoming convention.

Jennie Wood’s comments at LDC meeting on Monday 04/10/2023

We are thrilled to announce that 72 hours later both did so with Facebook posts, and in addition the other candidate in the race, Tom Garrett, also issued a similar public statement (though we did not request this because Tom has never opposed seating the delegates – see below).

Sunday afternoon a ruling was issued that ended the argument that no one from Appomattox should be allowed to vote on their next State Delegate. The ruling was issued by Glenn Mozingo, GOP Chair of the 56th House Legislative District Committee, noting that legal precedent prevents the exclusion of delegates for Wood’s previously given reasons.

Wood’s Statement Sunday morning

Most of you were likely focused on Church Sunday morning when Jennie Wood finally answered our public request from 72 hours earlier “to publicly declare that each counties’ delegates will be allowed to vote as soon as they arrive at the convention on May 20th.”

We are glad that Jennie did what we asked in Thursday’s post by finally reversing her position on preventing anyone from Appomattox from casting a vote. After days of outrage by Republicans over her actions, she even tried to say she was just misunderstood Monday by people at the meeting – and while her new Sunday morning statement is different from Monday night’s comments posted above, the important thing is she did the right thing in the end.

Bailey Praises Garrett for Urging Seating of All Delegates

Kevin Bailey thanks the third candidate in the race, Tom Garrett, for doing what the campaign asked GOP Chair Karen Angulo and Wood to do in the text above. We are glad Tom agreed from the beginning with Kevin’s common sense statement that it was wrong to try to prohibit almost one-quarter of all voting delegates from voting and join in calling for them to be allowed to vote.

While Kevin praises Tom for setting a good example, the rest of Tom’s Saturday post is confusing.

Tom’s blog ( starts by stating “Bailey claims Tom Garrett is trying to exclude the Appomattox Delegation. This is a demonstrable lie.”

Nowhere in Tom’s post does he quote anything from our post accusing him of trying to prevent Appomattox from voting – and in fact we welcome Tom to reread the entire release again to see if he can find anything he claims is “a demonstrable lie.” See for yourself –

Ironically, Tom’s claim that Kevin Bailey accuses him of a demonstrable lie is a demonstrable lie.

We never accused him of that. The only time his name was even mentioned by us in that post was in the sentence, “This week Tom Garrett’s biggest supporter, Appomattox GOP Chair Karen Angulo, made her latest move by orchestrating an attempt to not allow a single Appomattox voter to cast a vote.”

Tom and Kevin do disagree on whether or not Kevin’s overwhelming win in Appomattox (roughly 90 percent of the vote on the Chair of the meeting) should mean Kevin gets 100% of the delegates or closer to 80%. That is similar to the argument in 2016 by Hillary Clinton supporters that Trump should not get all the electors when he wins a state and they should be proportional. This happened because more than the 255 maximum voters signed up for Kevin in Appomattox, while both Tom and Jennie fell well short of the required number of supporters in their home counties of Buckingham and Goochland.

We thank all those involved in putting this issue behind us so the focus of this race can return to our shared conservative values and helping insure Republicans keep a majority in the House and win the Senate in November.