Top Issues

I am Pro-Life: I believe LIFE BEGINS AT CONCEPTION and from that moment on should be cherished and protected. Virginia now has a great opportunity to set the standard for Pro-Life legislation in America. I pledge to prioritize legislation that protects the most vulnerable in our society, the unborn. I promise no representative in Richmond will fight harder to protect the unborn than me.

I am Pro-Family: The Answer to America’s problems is NOT more government. The answer is stronger families. Limited government and lower taxes will allow your family to keep more of YOUR hard-earned money. My focus in Richmond will be to adopt policies that make every Virginian household stronger and more prosperous.

I am Pro-Law Enforcement: Our law-enforcement officers are under attack more today than ever before. They have pledged to serve and protect us, and I give them my promise to fight for them in Richmond. My position is to FUND the POLICE with the budget they need to get the job done and keep our communities safe.

I am Pro-Business and Pro-Farmer: Our government should NOT frustrate and discourage business; it should encourage productivity and commerce. I will tirelessly work to ensure economic growth in our communities and around the Commonwealth, and I will fight to remove any red tape and government obstacles to a prosperous economy.

I am Pro-Constitution: Many of our fundamental freedoms are under assault today, including our free exercise of religion and our right to keep and bear our arms. For years the left has been trying to chip away at our liberties. I WILL NOT GIVE AN INCH on our First and Second Amendment rights or on ANY of our Constitutional freedoms. “SHALL NOT BE INFRINGED”