Personal statement from Kevin Bailey – Please DELETE any nasty attacks

When asked the experience that prepares me to represent you in the General Assembly, I answer getting to represent more than 5,000 clients as a country lawyer.

The one thing it did not prepare me for is the nasty rumors that swirl around politics as some career politicians will use their “experience” to use any means necessary to stay in office.

The latest rumor today, the day before the convention, is that 4-time candidate Tom Garrett will have supporters not only send out a last-minute attack against the other first-time candidate in the race, Jennie Wood, but then blame me for the attack. I hope this is not true.

If you see any kind of 11th hour bogus attack on Jennie please simply delete it and know my staff has told everyone supporting us that none of them should attack Jennie.

Jennie and I had one disagreement early in the campaign, and we both articulated our strongly held position. That took a few days to resolve, but since then we have both been making the case on which one of us can best represent your vision as your General Assembly Delegate.

Garrett is the one running on “political experience,” so I’m sure he understands better than Jennie or me how to get groups to send out nasty attacks. I believe it is legit to raise concerns about things in the public record, and some of the ethics committee reports on Garrett right before he resigned from Congress are relevant to policy differences.

For example, the official ethics report noting, “When asked whether he used marijuana with any member of his staff, he (Garrett) replied, ‘no, not to my recollection,’” (emphasis added) is relevant because in turn he fights to make those drugs legal. If you want to review that concern and his response, just go to page 31 on this report – but we are focusing on our vision.

Hopefully the rumors of an 11th hour attack by Garrett are incorrect, or if correct then hopefully Garrett will reconsider launching any ridiculous attacks on Jennie and trying to blame me or anyone else. This may seem like common practice for Garrett as he runs for his 4th different office in 15 years, but I believe most voters do not view that kind of “political experience” as good and would rather get a fresh start this year.

Thanks for your consideration tomorrow, and also for deleting any desperate 11th hour attacks.

Kevin Bailey