Imagine voting for Donald Trump in 2016, but your vote did not count because a county official threw out all the votes in your county because they wanted Hillary Clinton to win.

Believe it or not, that’s similar to what is being proposed in the current election for the next State Delegate to represent you in Richmond.

This week Tom Garrett’s biggest supporter, Appomattox GOP Chair Karen Angulo, made her latest move by orchestrating an attempt to not allow a single Appomattox voter to cast a vote. Then Jennie Wood publicly stated no one from Appomattox should be allowed to vote.

Don’t believe Republicans could do this? Just ask them. Call their bluff, and ask them to publicly declare that each counties’ delegates will be allowed to vote as soon as they arrive at the convention on May 20th.

This isn’t the first time a party boss has tried to find a technicality to throw out all the voters from a county. If they persist in this effort, the familiar result will be dragging all the convention delegates through a vote May 20th to officially reject their attempted coup to stop hundreds of Republicans from voting. We only recall one case in which a Chair successfully threw out all their county voters – in 2014.

If you want more details on this attempt, feel free to call 434-381-0450 or email back to ask for information on how you can help.

While party bosses play games, Kevin Bailey continues to focus on defending the Constitution, keeping government out of the way of farming and businesses, supporting law enforcement and defending the family and the unborn. Having spent his life working to make his farm and country law practice successful, Kevin had never run for office and understands this attempt to prevent hundreds of Republicans from voting is just the most recent example of how the political system is broken.